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Issues related to business or marriage can land you in two minds at any point in time. In such situations, you might want to get to the bottom of a matter. So, you might consider heading to a private detective agency for professional help or assistance. Are you looking for the same for your personal or business needs? If yes, then your search ends with Indian Detective Agency Pvt. Ltd.

Whether you need to know anything about a bride or groom before marriage or keep an eye on the activities of your spouse, you can bank on our skilful detectives. Also, you can rely on them to find out or verify the details of a company or an employee. Our detectives handle such matters with extensive expertise to deliver 100% efficient results.

A flawless and transparent investigation is one of the essential requirements to get to the bottom of a case. It helps to know the ins and outs of several aspects of a case. The expert detectives of our company operate with these thoughts in mind. No matter how complex the nature of a case is, our detectives make it simple and easy by applying their experience and professional investigation skills to do it.

Our detectives hand over a case report after investigating each detail with a critical eye. It consists of all the necessary details so you can have a clear picture of your case from various angles. Apart from delivering the best outcomes, our detectives are also proficient at investigating cases by maintaining the secrecy of our clientele. Thus, you can expect the best results with the protection of your identity by investing in our services.




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What is Indian Detective Agency Pvt. Ltd. in Indore known for?

We have been offering our services to our clients for a long time. We have a vast experience of offering detective services in the industry for 16 years. Throughout this duration, we have been able to maintain our strong foothold as a detective agency that not only adopts the best practices but also provides its clients with desired results in quick time.

Besides, the other hallmark features of our services include the following:

We prioritise the preferences of our clients; this allows us to focus on client satisfaction while offering our services. We understand the importance of offering personalised solutions to our clients and so we do not hesitate to develop a discreet relationship with them.

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Personal Investigation Services Indore

With our investigation services, we help our clients find out or tally the information about individuals according to your needs.

Corporate Investigation Services Indore

Do you wish to find out more about corporate individuals or entities? Our corporate investigation services are dedicated to meet this requirement.

Matrimonial Investigation Indore

We help our clientele with matrimonial investigations which revolve around gathering or knowing information about brides, grooms, and spouses.

Screening Services Indore

With our modern and up-to-date screening technology, we provide flawless activity watch services based on technology.

Forensic Services Indore

Our forensic services play a vital role in solving cases linked to fraud, swindling, forgery, and other such cases. Our forensic experts make use of forensic knowledge to deduce logical conclusions with these services.

Cybercrime Investigation Indore

Cybercrimes are on the rise these days. Our cybercrime investigation services help our clients get to the bottom of crimes involving a computer or a network.

Why are we famous?

To begin with, we are a private detective investigation agency in India offering services to corporate and government agencies. Being a registered agency aside, we are also popular for solving complex business, matrimonial, and other cases. These hallmark features help us stand out from other detective agencies in Indore.

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Best Detective Agency in Indore, India helps you get the real picture

Indian Detective Agency Pvt Ltd., being the pioneer in detective services, has gained repute of a robust, Private Investigation and Security Solutions provider in Indore. We endow our clients with comprehensive Detective services in Indore helping them solve all issues pertaining secrecy required by most organizations in such adverse environment.

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Our 30-minute consultation will help you find the right solution from our leading detective agency in Indore, India

Our experts adopt a streamlined approach to offer the best consultation services to our clients. No matter what the nature of a case is, they cooperate fully with our clients to gain an understanding of it. We do not charge for the consultation session which goes on for about 30 minutes. So, you do not need to worry about paying a fee upfront for discussing your case with our experts.

In the 30-minute-consultation session, our experts give ear to our clients to gain an insight into every minute detail of the case. They attach importance to it from the standpoint of offering the right advice or guidance. Thereafter, they can decide the next course of action. We allow our clients the freedom to decide if they would like to hire us for their case after consulting our experts.

We have a team of experienced investigators from either gender. Furthermore, they operate at both domestic and international levels. Thus, you can expect a full spectrum of coverage for a thorough investigation from our end without any barrier related to gender or distance.

Our detective agency is all about transparency. With this in mind, we have a policy of disclosing all the charges before entering into a contract with our clients. Thus, you wouldn’t need to pay any hidden charges once we take up your case.

We value your identity and thus make sure we take explore every possible option to keep it confidential. Ever since our inception, we have been following it as a standard policy.

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Private Detective Services Indore

Whether you want to find out if your spouse has a secret affair or want to know about the details of a bride or a groom before marriage, master detectives are happy to help you with it. Also, you can put all your concerns about a firm or an employee at bay with the services of our experts.

We pride ourselves in helping our clients with a wide range of cases at budget-friendly packages. The motto of our private detective services is to provide you with the best service at reasonable charges.

Pre-Matrimonial Investigation Indore

Want to know more about a bride or a groom before marrying him/her? Our pre-marital investigation is the best bet for it.

Divorce Case Investigation Indore

Looking for the services of a reliable detective agency for help or assistance on a matter linked to divorce? Our detective agency with detectives with the expertise of helping our clients with such investigations can help you with it.

Missing Person Investigation Indore

Want to find out the whereabouts of a missing person? Our missing person investigation service can help you with it.

Undercover Operations Indore

Our detectives are the best when it comes to executing undercover operations. They are experts when it comes to handling such operations with finesse.

Sting Operations Indore

Sting operations are helpful to get important information or pieces of evidence of a case. In our detective agency, we use the latest methodologies and modern technology to offer this service.

Static Watch Indore

Static Watch is important to keep an eye on intruders and eliminate the great posed by them. We help you ensure it with activity watch with the use of modern technology.

Corporate Detective Services Indore

As is the case with our other private detective services, we also extend broad spectrum o services to our clients on corporate matters. Whether you want to know more about a corporate entity or an employee or find out about the unethical activity in a workplace, our detectives provide reliable investigation solutions on these matters.

Pre-Employment Investigation Indore

Our pre-employment investigation service is dedicated to helping you verify the correctness of the academic qualifications and work experience of a potential employee before their selection or appointment for a job role.

Asset Verification Indore

Do you want to know the assets and liabilities of an entity to determine the correctness of its balance sheet? Our experts can do it with finesse to assist you on this front.

Due Diligence Indore

We help our clients conduct a standard investigation before entering into a formal contract with an individual or firm with our due diligence services.

Post-Employment Investigation Indore

Even as an employee leaves your organisation you might still want to know about their activity or current employment. We can help you find it out with our post-employment investigation service.

Bug Sweeps Indore

Our bug sweeps service is dedicated to relieving you of concerns related to eavesdropping, bugging, and illicit electronic watch.

Insurance & Fraud Investigation Indore

Want to stay clear of insurance fraud? We can help you with our insurance and fraud investigation services.

Privacy Assurance

We value your privacy as much as you do. So, throughout an investigation, our detectives take every step to ensure the protection of your privacy.

Discrete & Confidential

100% Discrete & confidential

As a responsible detective agency, we are committed to maintaining the confidentiality of our clients’ identity. You can count on us for a thorough investigation without the disclosure of your identity.

Transparent Pricing

Transparent pricing

We are transparent about our charges and disclose everything about them before taking up any assignment. It is an assurance in itself to our clients that there will be no hidden charges thereafter.

Result Driven Approach

Result-driven approach

Our professionals adopt a positive and result-driven approach to help you get to the bottom of your case to find out all the details. When they complete their investigation and submit the final report, they make sure that you stay on top of it with all the information you need to know about it.

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